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Reinventing the
Research Market

The Truth Behind Research Funding

Research is only as credible as its funding source. If the sugar industry is funding dietary research we deserve to know. The Lambda Network gives a project credibility since every token is tracked.

Lambda Journal & Open Research

In this new world of political decentralization, the blockchain is removing middlemen. The Lambda Journal is a DAO reviewed journal which lets researchers earn Lambda for their research instead of forfeiting the benefits to giant centralized publishers. It's time to make research truly open!

Decentralized Computation and Storage Market

It's the dawn of Big Data for research. The Lambda Network connects directly to a global marketplace for massive storage and high performance computing. Researchers can purchase resources on the network and never have to maintain servers again.

Machine Learning and AI Meets Funding

The Lambda Network uses Machine Learning, AI, and Natural Language Processing to automatically match researchers to funding opporunities, saving principle investigators up to 40% of their time!

Provably Secure Lab Records for Industry

Lab record integrity is mission critical in the pharmaceutical industry. The Lambda Network uses revolutionary blockchain technology to track data integrity permanently and irreversibly.

Boundless possibilities for improving research

Decentralized governing of research grants

Processing thousands of grant applications requires a huge amount of time, resources, and expertise. Many funding institutions would prefer to delegate this task to the experts who are eager and best equipped to direct the flow of funds.

Crowdfunded Research

Use Lambda Network distributed applications to explore exactly which groundbreaking research you personally funded. The public will finally be able to see how the billions spent on research tangibly affects their lives.

Accessible Apps

Our accessible apps will introduce new users and institutions to cryptocurrencies and research funding through dead simple, high quality mobile and web applications.

Automated Efficiency Analysis

Both industry and governmental research funders can perform complex audits and efficiency analyses to calculate ROI for their spending through the Network.

Ecosystem of Apps

Anyone can write a distributed application for the Lambda Network, providing services from patent searches to citation management in exchange for Lambda.

Research Services Market

Research labs will be able to utilize the Lambda Network to sell services to each other on a peer to peer market. In an environment where specialized machinery can cost millions and sit unused, this is a game changer.

The New Lambda Network Whitepaper

A network of integrated smart contracts and distributed applications (dapps) which introduces revolutionary blockchain technology to the $1.1 trillion research funding market.

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  • Token presale
    AUG 2018
  • Lambda Network SkyLab integration
    OCT 2018
  • Research grant tracking contract
    Q1 2019
  • Wallet based peer review tool
    Q3 2019
  • SEP-OCT 2018
    Token sale
  • Q4 2018
    Wallet and web applications v1.0
  • Q2 2019
    Wallet grant explorer
  • Q1 2020
    Lambda Journal launch