SCAM WARNING! Sale is NOT live! DO NOT send Eth!
SCAM WARNING! The public sale is NOT live! DO NOT send Eth! Don't fall for the SCAM!


I'm from ______, can I participate in the token sale?

Citizens and/or residents from the U.S., China, and Singapore are not allowed to participate due to regulatory uncertainty. Otherwise you may participate following the verification of your identity through KYC.

What is the minimum purchase amount?

The minimum purchase amount during the presale is 1 ETH. Otherwise there is no minimum purchase amount.

Is there a bounty or affiliate program?

Yes, more information will be available on bitcointalk soon.

What form of payment is accepted during the token sale?

We are only accepting Ethereum sent directly to the token sale smart contract address. If you send ETH directly from wallets or exchanges that are not ERC20 compatible you will lose your money.

Do I need a special wallet to participate in the token sale?

You will need an ERC20 compatible wallet to store your LMDA tokens. We recommend to use the MetaMask plugin for Chrome as it is the easiest way and does most of the work for you.

Is there a Know Your Customer (KYC) process?

Yes, we require you to finish our KYC process before the end of the token sale. You can reserve your tokens before completing it but we recommend getting verified as soon as possible to avoid your funds being reimbursed and losing your reserved tokens to another participant.

Which exchanges will offer Lambda?

Tokens must be purchased directly from the Lambda smart contract during the token sale event. There is a hard cap of 3.2 billion tokens during the sale. Any unsold tokens will not be generated. Lambda tokens may be traded on secondary exchanges after the token sale in addition to public regulated exchanges.

What will the price of Lambda be on exchanges after the token sale?

The Lambda Network and/or SkyLab, Inc., in no way controls the price of the tokens on the secondary market. Lambda is meant for use in research. You should only participate in the token sale or Lambda market if you believe that we can build a better world for research together. We are not interested in speculation.

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