SCAM WARNING! Sale is NOT live! DO NOT send Eth!
SCAM WARNING! The public sale is NOT live! DO NOT send Eth! Don't fall for the SCAM!

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Token Distribution

Symbolλ (LMDA)
Token StandardERC20
Price1 LMDA = 0.00002 ETH
Token PurchaseETH
Total Issue Cap3,200,000,000
Presale Issue Cap500,000,000
Soft Cap1,000 ETH
Tokens GeneratedTokens not distributed shall not be generated
Company & Advisors
Token Sale Event
Research & Ecosystem Grants
Token Sale Costs & Bounty Program
PercentageTokensVesting Schedule
Token Sale32%3,200,000,000Vest immediately
Token Sale Costs & Bounty Program4%400,000,000Vest immediately
Lambda Research Grant16%1,600,000,000Subject to indefinite vesting*
Lambda Ecosystem Grant16%1,600,000,000Subject to indefinite vesting*
Company30%3,000,000,000Subject to a 3 year vesting schedule
Advisors2%200,000,000Subject to a 3 year vesting schedule
* Distributed at a maximum equivalent to 12% of the remainder per annum, indefinitely (~1.9% of total token supply after first year)

Token Vesting

Token Sale Event
Ecosystem Grant
Token Sale Costs
Research Grant


Company and advisor tokens will be subject to a 3 year period so as to align with the long term vision of the network and token holders.


The research & ecosystem grants will vest and may be distributed at a rate of 12% of the remaining unvested tokens per year in perpetuity.

Token Sale

Tokens sold in the token sale will not be subject to a vesting period and will be available for transfer immediately upon finalization of the sale.


Lambda tokens (also known as Lambda) are a crypto utility token currently being developed by SkyLab, Inc. ("SkyLab"), a Delaware C Corporation based in Sunnyvale, California. Participating in the Lambda Token Sale is done at your own risk. Make sure you have read and understand the whitepaper provided on the website before deciding whether or not to purchase Lambda. Due to regulatory uncertainty, citizens and/or permanent residents of China, Singapore, and the United States are not allowed to participate in the token sale.